Updating 4x4 porch post general process of radiometric dating

Well, it didn’t help that we got derailed before even unholstering our caulk gun. We used this exact same method in our first house when we rebuilt the header five years ago (primed wood paint and caulk to keep it all sealed) and it worked out great without any rotting or warping – so we wanted to make sure we were just as thorough this time around.

When all three columns were done we stepped back and thought the de-scalloped header looked good, but a bit unsubstantial in comparison to our beefed up columns. And since everyone asks what kind of caulk we use (that wall full of 10,000 caulk tubes can be intimidating) we like Dap window and door caulk, in the white, paintable finish (paintable is key). Since the boards came pre-primed, all we had to do was match them to rest of the porch – and because the previous owners left us a couple gallons of house paint, there was happily no cost here.

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Perhaps a barbecue party in your backyard, with all your friends and family around?Predictably, Sherry did the cutting in (look at her brazenly painting the bottom of that column without taping it off) and I was Roller Man.Getting rid of (well, concealing) the more ornate and traditional columns just makes our exterior feel crisper and more updated (not to mention it’s much more true to the columns that a mid-century ranch would actually sport).The new column goes into the same location as the old one.With the top in the corner, we move the bottom in and out and side to side until it is perfectly plumb.

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