Updating archive quickfinder indexes

These may have trouble in the year 2000, if the programmers did not store the date as a four-digit number.In that case, the indexer could get confused every time it encounters a file modification date seemingly in the future (for example, the program thinks it's the year 1900 but the file was modified in 1998).For links to resources, see the new Cross-Language Information Retrieval section.Metasearch is the process of accessing multiple search engines at once, and presenting the results organized in a useful way.The most serious likely problem area is index updating.

The product is due for release next Tuesday (November 17, 1998).

Some are free and supported by advertising, others charge by the page, by the search or monthly.

Remote search services do not require any programming or local access to the web server.

It receives the query,does the lookup in the index, formats the results, and sends them back in an HTML form with links directly to the pages on your site.

Some services provide simple, straightforward searches, while others offer powerful advanced search functions such as proximity operators (NEAR) and date-range searching.

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