Updating cross references in word 2016

Word, however, provides a way to insert a cross-reference so that it can be updated semi-automatically when the target changes.In all versions of Word, you insert a cross-reference using the Cross-reference dialog.

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Taking care of the common cases is good enough for me. Sub Update All Fields In(doc As Document) '' Update tables. Update Next toc Dim tof As Table Of Figures For Each tof In doc.

If it can be updated by pressing , I want it updated.

(In theory updating fields can cause other fields to need updating, e.g.

Whenever you write, see page 15 or in Chapter 5 or in the Further Developments section, you are using a cross-reference.

If you insert such cross-references as ordinary text, you will have to update them manually if pagination changes or Chapter 5 becomes Chapter 6 or you change the heading Further Developments to Later Developments.

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