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With Up Slide, all the most repetitive tasks that you do in Power Point on a daily basis can be done in just one click: you can produce better reports and presentations in less time.

You need to make sure your report is clean and convincing: structured table of contents, sections and sub-sections, perfectly aligned objects in every slide, use of your company’s branding and logos etc.

Buy either, and you've got Office for life, but you won't get updated to the next major Office release unless you pay another one-off payment for it.

This option is for those that don't like the idea of a monthly payment and have a bigger lump sum available to spend on Office now.

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It has low added-value but needs to be done to preserve the credibility of your work.In Power Point, the Touch Bar gets "view-specific controls" to present a slideshow.The Touch Bar integrates slide thumbnails so you can move through your presentation, and it also includes a timer to keep you on time.There are also i OS versions of Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook.New features added to Microsoft Office for Mac in 2017 included a number of new functions made possible by the Track Pad and Touch Bar on the Mac Book Pro.

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