Updating the bios for an asus a8n sli delux ukraininan woman dating site

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updating the bios for an asus a8n sli delux-77

Asus was founded in Taipei (Taiwan) in 1989 as a motherboard manufacturer and is now the number one manufacturer of motherboards in the world, commanding almost a 40% market share of the motherboard business.

Pour télécharger les drivers, BIOS, firmwares et utilitaires pour votre matériel, rendez-vous sur la fiche de la marque correspondante.

Les marques, constructeurs et fabricants sont classés ci-dessous par ordre alphabétique et par catégories de matériel.

Unlike the Gigabyte motherboard on the same chipset, we can see that the inconvenient placement of SATA connectors right opposite to PCI-E x16 slots is not the case with this motherboard, which allows to use a long video card and all SATA ports are accessible.

Besides, the chipset cooler is installed between PCI-E x16 slots, so it does not interfere with long video cards.

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