Weatherpanel not updating Barrie teen slut chat

Pedometer is working, all the other lock screen settings seem to be working. Because honestly I found it really handy so I didn't have to unlock my phone just to view the current temperature.

For example the weather tile, after being resized, wont show any weather updates.

I had the same problem with the pedometer widget, which I solved by toggling the Additional information and Pedometer settings on and off and rebooting. -- Then go to the clock-weather app (should be on your homescreen). DONOT type and search for your location instead press the 'location icon' and let your phone automatically locate you.

Also note that the weather and pedometer widgets only display if there are no other notifications showing on the lock screen. SELECT whatever shows up, refresh and update weather and then lock your screen. (: I have a Samsung Galaxy A5 and all of a sudden my weather wiget stopped updating and couldn't find my location.

Not some cloned look alike app that requires a 3rd party widget editing and downloading app. Only want the true original APK made for galaxy S phones by Samsung and accuweather.

I've got the Gs7 phones, a how to pull from there to gs5 would be appreciated.

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