What is an accommodating female

These concerns, combined with the drive for Christian charity to include hospitality and the concomitant increase in the number of monasteries attached to holy sites meant that Christian communities were better placed to provide institutional hospitality to pilgrims. 65) which provided accommodation at intervals similar to secular travel networks.

We may see an echo of this lack of infrastructure in Egeria’s extensive pilgrimage, also dated to the 380’s. Although Gregory and Evagrius directed their concerns at women, the concerns over security and sanctity on the journey were not necessarily gender-specific. Hunt has designated as an “alternative system of Christian hospitality” (Hunt, 1984, p.In principle, adherents of the religious life were expected to avoid the company of the opposite sex.This created problems of access, especially for consulting a holy man living within a monastic community.However, it becomes clear from some objections registered by prominent Church leaders, that the religiously charged environment in which pilgrimage took place did present pious women with obstacles in their quest for their objective.These obstacles presented themselves both on the journey itself and at the destination, and were especially concerned with issues of accommodation.

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