Who is billy baldwin dating

The family drama shot in northern Ontario stars Baldwin — at 55 the second-youngest of the four Baldwin brothers — as John West, who picks up his three kids and moves to a new hometown to command the local rescue service after the death of his wife.The family struggles to cope with their new community while also dealing with the death of their mother.“It’s really about family and the bonds that you forge,” says Baldwin.Baldwin won’t give the exact date, and will only say it’s “in a few months.” The couple were wed in a civil service last September.“They’re married and they’re having a big party.

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At that point, he says, Trump barged into their party and hit on his wife.“He thought it was some big Las Vegas party with people swinging from the chandeliers, and it was just six people,” says Baldwin.Everyone was fighting but I would find the positive side.We had a rambunctious Irish Catholic childhood but it’s the stuff that makes you a family.”Like his older brother, Baldwin is no fan of American President Donald Trump — “So much is going wrong with that guy right now,” he tells me.And he spends so much time filming in Canada he’s fallen in love with the country.“I always tell Hailey, if you want to know what it’s like to be in a successful show business relationship, call Uncle Billy,” says Baldwin, who is married to singer Chynna Phillips.“Realistically, I don’t even know the answer (but) we’ve made it work since 1991.”(When I talked to Baldwin’s older brother Alec, earlier, asking him how he would welcome Bieber into the family, he was characteristically blunt: “What would I say to him?

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