Who is colin farrell dating now

This fake news came after Jolie appeared along with her four children at the big premiere of the remake of the Disney’s Dumbo movie.We must say that Farrell appears in this film and that the presence of a popular actress at the premiere was the main cause for these rumors. This was confirmed by a source close to the famous actress and who knows the current situation in her love life.Even if there were no confirmation by the insiders, famous actors were never seen together.In addition to the untruths they have written about Angelina and Colin, this magazine has recently again wrongly reported that Brad Pitt is “very upset” because the relationship between Jolie and Farrell.But this does not stop Angelina Jolie who is determined to explore the tangent of this connection, adds the insider."[Angelina Jolie is] determined to explore their connection further and would date him in a heartbeat," further claims the insider."She usually gets what she wants and there's no denying they have major chemistry." The rumors of Angelina Jolie seeing Colin Farrell started to surface after the Academy Award-winning actress attended the world premiere of Farrell's new movie, Dumbo with four of her kids she shares with Brad Pitt.Angelina Jolie's personal life has triggered immense public speculation.

Gossip Cop has learned, however, that the story is false.However, ever since she announced her separation and divorce with Brad Pitt, she is reportedly not seeing anyone.The 'By The Sea' movie star is focusing on her health, her movies, and her children.There is no secret romance between Angelina Jolie and Colin Farrell, despite a report.A story claimed that Jolie has “always had a thing” for her “Alexander” co-star.

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