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They split in July 2012, after Kristen was spotted locking lips with director Rupert Sanders.While they briefly seemed to be working things out for the final fans fell head over heels for Ian's portrayal of bad boy vampire Damon, and clearly Nina felt the same way.Although they didn't make it to the altar (Blake married Ryan Reynolds in 2012, whom she co-starred with in casting director clearly has a knack for chemistry, because this pair was the third couple to emerge from the show's cast.They both were dating other people when they fell in love in 2008."It can be a little awkward when all of a sudden [you have feelings for] someone you'd call to talk about a different boyfriend," Jessica once said about her relationship with Ed.But life imitates art, and gossip surrounding a cheating scandal drove Ed and Jessica apart in 2010. They reportedly screamed at each other on set, and Ryan asked to run his lines with another actress.

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Camila even gave fans a cute ship name to use: Charmila.In this hilarious clip, a reporter asked the pair about their relationship, not realizing they weren't still dating.Vanessa and Josh exchange mortified looks and just barely managed to cobble together a response.Nina left , but you can't chalk that up solely to their acting chops.They were an item from the start of the series in 2007 until 2010.

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