Wireless lan validating identity

Alternatively, network access control (NAC) systems could prevent the recognition of any unauthorized device.

Management should use an industry-accepted level of encryption with strength commensurate with the institution's risk profile on the institution's wireless networks.Wireless access points are the devices that broadcast the radio wave signals and should be physically secure to prevent compromise and securely configured to provide the same level of control as a wired connection.Wireless gateways can allow management to implement more complex access controls, including advanced identity management capabilities and services to detect and remediate malicious software.A wireless LAN (WLAN) is a medium of network connectivity, supported by radio wave transmissions that provides more convenient network access to employees or devices that need flexibility to connect to multiple locations within the institution's facilities.Because the user is not physically connected to the network and the wireless signal is broadcast and available to others, wireless networks are inherently less secure than wired networks and require additional scrutiny, controls, and oversight.

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