Witty one liners about dating

In previous relationships, you were used to being the funny one, but this girl challenges you neck-and-neck for the title. But even your ego doesn’t care because you’ve experienced the joys of being with a girl who can banter and deliver the mundane truths about life in a way that makes them irresistibly interesting.

This girl has suddenly turned everything around on you.

Now, you’re the cute, silly, laughing girl you were so used to dating; the one who would just sit there in hysterics and gaze adoringly into your eyes as she couldn’t get enough of your ridiculous mind and unique way of seeing things.

Truly hilarious girls are rare; the ones who are funny in the way you find the funniest guys in your group of friends to be, and what makes you envious of them.Or, even worse, she doesn’t even have a weird side, and is too closed off and emotionally disconnected to have a vulnerable side.Funny girls, on the other hand, get more beautiful and twisted the more you discover about them.I remember clearly the first time I knew I was dating a funny girl: It was a couple of years ago; we were out for lunch for the first time together.She sat down, scoped out the menu and said to me, “I’m going to get a f*cking hamburger and fries; you can suck my dick, Jamie” and then proceeded to air jerk off right into my face. You see, in the past, I’d met and dated a lot of girls who I considered to have a good sense of humor.

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