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Also all the good examples are in C# - for now I'm stuck with VB. This is what I have so far which I'm looking for help with! Schema ' When I use Load XML to get the string I can't use the settings object above to get the schema in?? An older standard for specifying structure is the Document Type Definition, or DTD.DTDs are part of the Standardized Generalized Markup Language (SGML) standard, from which both HTML and XML derive.Rather, it continues processing the file, but raises an event for each error.This lets your code decide how to handle errors while still filling the object.This method is useful when you need to create a schema from scratch.But there will be times when you want to create a schema to match an existing object.

One obvious source for an XML Schema is an XML file.

When you change the name of an element in the XML, the XML remains well-formed.

But because that name doesn't match the name in the schema file, that portion of the XML document becomes invalid. Using schema files is not the only way to describe the structure of an XML file.

s," you learned how to create an XSD schema in the Visual Studio .

NET user interface by dragging and dropping XML elements from the toolbox.

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